ARCH Artifex and Levvr: A Strategic Alliance for Engineering Excellence

April 16, 2024

With a rich heritage spanning over 15 years, ARCH Artifex has cemented its position as a pivotal provider of Systems Engineering and Safety Assurance (SESA) consultancy services within the Australian infrastructure sector. Their team, spreading across three states and consisting of 24 seasoned professionals, is at the forefront of delivering unparalleled SESA services.

"Our conviction in levvr's capabilities is unwavering. The tool’s model-centric approach to engineering data management is a game-changer."

Maximizing Quality & Efficiency in Engineering

Jonathan Luey, one of the Directors of Systems Engineering and Safety Assurance at ARCH Artifex, shares his insights: “Our conviction in Levvr's capabilities is unwavering. The tool’s model-centric approach to engineering data management is a game-changer. By establishing interconnected and robust data structures early on, we can significantly reduce errors, prevent misinformation, and eliminate the inefficiencies of sifting through disparate information sources, greatly increasing efficiency & quality on our projects.

Levvr’s integration during the tender phase streamlines data transition into projects, covering an extensive array of model-based systems engineering applications, from requirements, human factors, hazard analysis and systems management to FMECAs and ADCs. Its adaptability allows us to tailor our methodologies and visions effectively.”

Mutual Growth Through Collaboration

Tom Helder, Co-Founder and Head of Commercial at Levvr, underscores the value of strategic partnerships: “Collaborating with advisory firms is a cornerstone of our market approach. Following our success in establishing a robust partner network in the Netherlands, we are thrilled to welcome ARCH Artifex into our expanding Australian alliance. Levvr’s focus remains on software innovation and feature enhancement. Together with our partners, we dive deep into commercial strategies, implementations, and product evolution. Our partners often lead client implementations, leveraging our platform to develop scalable solutions and enhance their service offerings.”

A Call to Innovators

Are you part of an advisory firm with deep expertise in systems engineering and information management, looking for a partnership that can elevate your offerings and drive efficiency? We invite you to explore a partnership with Levvr and leverage our platform to create bespoke solutions.

About Levvr: The Future of Engineering, Today

Levvr is the pioneering no-code platform for the construction industry, poised to redefine engineering workflows. As the sector evolves from document-centric to data-driven practices, Levvr empowers organizations to convert data into actionable insights, fostering smarter project execution and unlocking the full potential of engineering teams.

Tom Helder