levvr: the no-code platform for the construction industry


We’ll support you on your journey to transform data into knowledge.


Levvr enables project teams to work towards one truth.

We revolutionize the way teams manage their information throughout the project lifecycle.

Forget sifting through disconnected documents and excels. Our application reveals all relationships between project components in an integral manner.

Disconnected documents suddenly become connected data.

Lightning-fast and Intelligent


Powered by native graph database technology, levvr stores and manages relationships between nodes as first-class citizens. Large datasets are returned in an instant through lightning-fast queries.

Our underlying technology provides a competitive advantage and will take your project organization to the next level. You can manage increasingly larger datasets like your digital twins, while remaining performant.

More importantly, over time you will be able to learn across all your projects and receive content recommendations. Your teams will become smarter with every project delivered.

No coding knowledge required

Why should project managers be proficient in programming languages? With levvr no coding knowledge is required. Just configure your platform in a way that fits your project teams. levvr simply combats complexity, with many benefits as a result.

Easily Configure to Support Your Way of Working

Levvr’s no-code platform allows you to support company specific processes by setting up your own data model that acts as a blueprint for your projects. You decide how your software should ideally function, shape your favorite process management tool.

Accessible & Intuitive for all Project Members

Use our suite of tools to build flows that work for all types of users within your organization. Any individual can interact with the single source of truth in a way that suits him best.

Distribute & Scale within Your Organization

Easily update your way of working when new insights arise. Roll out changes across all projects without worrying about time consuming data migrations that cause inconsistencies.