We are levvr. 

We believe that process management in construction should get better. More efficient and easier. We often heard project managers grumble about the complexity of current software solutions and the lack of specific functionalities..


Our mission & vision

People, cities, countries and continents require new, future-proof solutions. To support engineers in all their challenges and break down the barriers of complexity, we believe the way they work should be revolutionized from document-driven to data-driven. Engineers can finally deliver on ambition, the world gets increasingly ingenious, and everyone will enjoy it.

We are on a mission to unlock the full potential of engineering teams to build & maintain the most incredible systems that enable a sustainable future. We do this by providing intelligent, data-driven process management software.

Our story

Most engineers around the world still have to crawl through hundreds of documents when a small detail changes. They don't have the data available to quickly map out the effects for the entire project. Any change results in quadrupling the number of documents, but keeping these meticulous records are time-consuming administrative actions and a pure waste of their energy and talent. 

Our company was founded with the sole purpose to eliminate this struggle. Our solution is founded on semantics; the notion that project information has to be captured and described in a well structured network of data so that it is unambiguous and accessible for all. Using levvr, engineers can forget all that hassle and copy-pasting documents into emails since our software enables engineering in the proper context. We reveal all relationships between project components in an integral manner. Via dots and lines, data from different information sources lead to one truth all people involved look at in real-time. As a result, insights come up that no one suspected would be vital. Using levvr, engineering teams can solve problems before they can occur. 

As of today, engineers can work worry-free with more confidence, stop wasting unnecessary time but letting their talents come into their own. Cooperate and deliver on ambition. With levvr, engineers can become the best they can be.



‘You are a genius’. And so you are. Honors are yours.

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