For the systems of tomorrow

Rapid technological advancements cause assets such as airports, roads, tunnels, bridges, waterways, power plants & hospitals to become increasingly complex. To design, build and maintain the systems of tomorrow, a coherent approach between different engineering disciplines is required.

Our collaborative platform helps systems engineers and process & information managers to streamline information flows in all supporting processes of the Project Lifecycle.





Levvr - V


For Process & Information Managers

Standardize and scale your way of working within your organization. Update running projects with new functionality and gain insights across all projects to learn and control risks.

Work worry-free. Let your talents come into their own. Collaborate and deliver on ambition.



Standardize & Scale

Configure your levvr app to support engineering teams in managing construction processes while successfully delivering projects.


Seamless Maintainability

Update your application when new insights arise without having to worry about time consuming data migrations that affect the integrity of project data.


Powerful Insights

Easily gain insights by extracting aggregated data across projects and present that in dashboards to learn and better manage your business.

Bart van Luling - Dutch Boosting Group

Bart van Luling

Systems Engineer, Dutch Boosting Group

"The levvr product excels in user-friendliness: it can be used by everyone, visually and easily adapted to your wishes."
Menno Willems

Menno Willems

Process & Information Manager, Strixs Consulting

"With levvr we can incrementally configure and roll out our model, no coding skills required."
Ide Hingstman

Ide Hingstman

Systems Engineer, CPM Consultancy

"The tool is intuitive and visual, levvr provides a seamless user experience."



Camiel de Vries

Camiel de Vries

Process Manager, PRO6 managers

"The acceptance and adaptation among users working with levvr on the project has been outstanding."
Joris Stolwijk

Joris Stolwijk

Systems Engineer, AirportCreators

"Levvr empowers us to manage data in a uniform way and make it accessible to our customers."
Tim van den Broek - Pro Infra-2

Tim van den Broek

Project Manager, Pro Infra

"The app is innovative in the industry and fits perfectly with the wishes and requirements of our time."

For Systems Engineers


Coordinate information and bring people together. Control the quality of information by applying a streamlined process and have an holistic view. Don’t waste unnecessary time. Let your talents come into their own. Growth is up for grabs.



Holistic View

Bring information of different disciplines together in a single source of truth and have an integral overview to gain insights and make informed decisions.


Ensure Data Integrity

Control your project by easily performing data quality checks to see what information is missing, is incorrect or requires your project team’s attention.


Integrated Collaboration

Use our suite of tools to build flows that work for all types of users in your project team. Let's get rid of disconnected excel sheets. People will actually enjoy working in levvr and interact in a way that suits them best.