Welcome Frank Keizer: our new Instructional Designer

September 5, 2023

Bridging the Gap Between Users and Developers

Levvr’s been growing - hiring great UX designers, product owners, software engineers, and more. Many of these positions focus on the levvr app, on its features, appearance, user friendliness etc. But one hire stands separate from the rest: our Senior Instructional Designer, Frank.

This unique role focuses on supporting our users to make the most of levvr. He will ensure that new users will be able to easily find their way in levvr, enabling them to retain their knowledge and work smarter with each project delivered. He knows our users, he has been one of our users, and because of this he is very well positioned to bridge the gap between what users need and how levvr can support them.


Frank's Unique Value to levvr

Frank's journey to becoming a member of levvr began as a user himself while working for Lightyear to develop market-ready solar electric cars. 

“At Lightyear we used levvr to manage the different baselines of the vehicle under development including cost, weight, and risk data. Management data in levvr was aggregated and shown in a Looker Studio dashboard [a BI tool from Google]. The combination of levvr and Looker served as a single source of truth to provide insight into the feasibility of the project targets.”

What sets Frank apart is his ability to connect the dots between customer expectations and our service offerings. His history with levvr means he not only comprehends our software intricately, but he also knows what it's like to stand in our clients' shoes; he’s gained an understanding of the product's use cases, potential pain points, and the exact needs our customers have. With Frank at the helm of our training initiative, we are aligning our services more closely with the client's perspective than ever before. 

Empowering Clients Through Familiarity

What does this mean for our clients? It means an onboarding experience that is guided by an expert who truly understands their perspective and speaks their language. Frank has extensive Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) knowledge and understands how tooling plays a key role in effectively delivering projects. This customer-centric approach resonates throughout our organization, from the development of our products to the execution of our training programs.


Introducing the new levvr Academy

As mentioned, Frank will be spearheading the launch of our levvr academy. This initiative is driven to set levvr users up for success and allow them to effectively engage with our platform from day one.

“The academy will offer a range of modules that are tailored to serve the educational needs of different types of users with different expertises and experience. The courses offered will be interactive, inspirational, and always taking into account the latest developments of both levvr and the industry.” 

With a training program crafted to the type of user, new users will be able to hit the ground running. Everything users need to know will be covered in 2 sessions, spanning a day and a half, which cover how to use the tool, provide practice problems, and offer plenty of Q&A opportunities. 


Frank's Vision for levvr

The addition of Frank to the team, with all his expertise and know-how, is a powerful moment for levvr - marking the first moment where the user and service provider roles are blurred. How does his introduction translate to levvr’s future?

“I bring knowledge about systems engineering and how levvr can (practically) help people working on complex projects to successfully start using levvr as part of their MBSE tooling landscape.”

This means that as levvr’s functionality and use grows, users are guaranteed to be kept at the center of all processes - as Instructional Designer he will ensure that feature communications are clear, customer use cases spearhead product development, and trainings remain relevant. 

In welcoming Frank to our team, we are further embracing a future where our clients' needs and aspirations are at the heart of everything we do. His unique blend of user experience, product familiarity, and forward-thinking vision will undoubtedly steer levvr to new heights. Together, with Frank's guidance, we are forging a path that's not just about software, but about creating meaningful and lasting partnerships with those we serve.

Stay tuned for more insights from Frank and updates on the new levvr academy!

Tom van de Vrede